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When your garden is well established, no matter how diligent and attentive you are, lavishing regular maintenance on your garden, there comes a time when a short period of intensive rejuvenation is exactly what is required to restore its beauty and usability. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely can help you bring it back to its best.

Nature is relentless in her attempts to take over. If you let her, she will slip weeds into your neat borders. She will encourage formerly well-groomed shrubs and trees to over-grow and dominate. Garden features can be engulfed.  Ponds can become choked and water features can give up under the strain. Paths can become overgrown.  Terraces and furniture can become covered in algae or worse, making them unpleasant or even dangerous. And all of this growth exhausts the soil, which can become dry, hungry and unproductive.

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely specialises in just such intensive rejuvenation. We have the knowledge, skills, experience and equipment to return your garden to its proper course quickly and economically. We know how to control persistent weeds like brambles, bindweed and ground elder. We know how to persuade those beautiful but territorial species – like bamboo, some willows, and dogwoods – back into their rightful places. We know how expertly to prune your shrubs and trees either to keep them in check or to coax them into graceful habits or simply to restore their full vigour.  We can tell you when a tree or shrub has simply reached the end of its natural life, and we can help you with the decisions about what to do about it. We can help you to select a suitable replacement that can bring a fresh look to the garden. We’ll advise on judicious new planting, simply to fill a gap, or perhaps to add a new dimension to your enjoyment of your garden. We’ll do all of this with sensitivity to the delicate eco system that has formed over the years, taking appropriate steps to conserve wildlife – flora and fauna – and with respect for you and your neighbours.

Of course, we do more than care for the plants in your garden.  If you have paths, terraces, steps, retaining walls, fences, ponds, fountains, cascades that need clearing, cleaning, preventative maintenance, repair or refurbishment, then we’ll take care of that, too.

And when the intensive rejuvenation is complete, and your garden is fit and healthy again, we’ll leave you with a written care plan that you or your gardener can use to help your garden stay in its best shape for longer. We also offer routine care services, if you prefer – find out more here.

If you would like to know more about our service or capabilities, or if you would like to arrange for us to make a free initial visit to your garden, then please contact us now or

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The roses are beautiful, but in only a couple of years without attention, they have managed to engulf two windows, leaving the rooms dark and gloomy.
Before and after: makeover for a pathway.
The standard Japanese Cedar in the foreground of the left-hand picture had been inexpertly transplanted and was already dying (despite its looking healthy in the photo). The Ceanothus in the middle distance was running wild. We reshaped and replanted the beds bordering the path, selecting plants for their varied shapes and colours year-round. A variegated willow provides height. The Ceanothus was radically trimmed back, exposing more valuable trees that had been swallowed whole.
Before and after rejuvenation: beds in a harsh, sea-side environment.
Here the beds had been periodically maintained and were in generally good shape. All that was required was dead-heading and pruning of the lavenders and wallflowers, which quickly promoted a fresh, colourful display.
Before and after rejuvenation: let there be windows!
At yet another lost corner, we pruned the massively overgrown shrubs hard, and we began training the Chocolate Vine. We also took the opportunity to plant more varied species, like Purple Elder, Euphorbia and Cotoneaster. Two years later, the Chocolate Vine has formed an attractive and delightfully fragrant wall covering, yet regular low-level attention has made sure that the windows remain clear. The electricity bill is also considerably lower!
Before and after rejuvenation: wasteland to rest area.
At commercial premises, the border to the main road access was unsightly wasteland. We cut back the trees and shrubs to create a wider lawn area and interspersed a wider variety of plant species, to make the area softer and more appealing. We installed a pair of teak benches, so that staff can take their breaks in a sunny, south-facing garden.
Before and after rejuvenation: teak benches.
The teak benches used in the rest area had earlier been neglected and abused. We hate to see unnecessary waste, especially given the high cost of good quality outdoor furniture. We rebuilt the benches, replacing all damaged parts, removing the old varnish and re-finishing the benches with teak oil, to give a better-looking and more durable appearance.
Before and after rejuvenation: driveway of a country house.
The trees and shrubs along the driveway were very overgrown and neglected, and a great deal of scrub and weeds had become established. There was also a lack of parking spaces. We cleared the scrub, removed weak and sickly growth, and pruned the yew trees hard. We were able to create circulating space for vehicles (providing new access from the main drive) whilst making an attractive, leafy centrepiece of an Acer negundo violaceum and a Date Palm, which are now revealed, after years of being hidden.

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