This list illustrates the broad range and scale of the jobs that we have carried out for business or commercial clients. The list is not exhaustive. If you would like to know more about any of the projects listed here, please follow the links (where provided) or simply contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

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Hayne Barn Leisure Limited

Hythe, Kent

Consultancy and design in connection with conversion of a fine country house into a venue for weddings. Design of exterior locations to create attractive backdrops for wedding photographs. Select, supply and  plant trees, shrubs, ornamentals and roses.


Topcentre Limited

Hythe, Kent

Design, drawings and visualisations to support the client's application for planning permission to develop an equestrian centre, leisure facilities and holiday cottages, consistent with its position within the Kent Downs AONB.


Topcentre Limited

Brighton, E.Sussex

Landscaping and planting of formal gardens to complement a Victorian Gothic building now used as a business centre. Supply of houseplants for internal public areas. Periodic maintenance of internal and external plants, in a harsh coastal location.

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Roedean School

Roedean School, E.Sussex

Rejuvenation of the planting areas and flower beds throughout the campus in an exposed coastal location on a chalk cliff top, including supply of all plants and planting.


Trizan Limited

Henfield, W.Sussex

Garden design and construction in connection with conversion of an old granary into two high-specification modern houses.


John Sage Developments

Rusper, W.Sussex

Carry out site survey in connection with the development of two new houses, each requiring separate gardens. Produce several alternative designs to allow the client to choose the optimal scheme.


Topcentre Limited

Partridge Green, W.Sussex

Landscaping of an industrial estate. Periodic maintenance and rejuvenation.


Big Plant Nursery Limited

Ashington, W.Sussex

Produce design drawings and visualisations of the proposed nursery to support a planning application.


Shoots Garden Centres Limited

Washington, W.Sussex

Design and plant beds lining the main public entrance to the garden centre.


The Bull Public House

Mockbridge, W.Sussex

Landscaping of pub gardens, including planted bunds screening the car park. Creation of a sunken, paved seating area to provide a sunny but sheltered terrace for customers.


Topcentre Limited

Lancing, W.Sussex

Landscaping of a formal courtyard with fountain in a modern style at an office complex.


Topcentre Limited

Horsham, W.Sussex

Landscaping of a car-parking area to the rear of a serviced office centre. Design and implementation of low-maintenance beds at the frontage with public thoroughfare.



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