Portraits and visualisations of houses, gardens, landscapes or other buildings by a fine artist.

See a gallery of house portraits.
A hand-drawn or painted portrait of
a favourite, special place by a talented fine artist is a unique and individual object, which will become a precious keepsake for you or for a loved one … if you can bear to give it away! The special place can be any building, garden or landscape: your house, a friend’s or relative’s house, a holiday place, a church, an hotel, a sporting venue, or a work place … indeed, anywhere to which we can gain access for our preparatory work, or of which you can supply suitable photographs.

See a gallery of commercial visualisations.

Such portraits are beautiful things in their own right, and they have many good uses, like –

  • Mounted and framed, hanging on the wall or standing on a desk or side table, the portrait makes an excellent memento of happy times spent with friends or family in that special place.
  • The portrait can be the basis for sophisticated and distinctive personal stationery. Notepaper, letterheads, bookplates that you use every day will take on a particular luxury.
  • For a special occasion – say, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, a house-warming or any other important celebration – the invitations, menus, order-of-service and similar items can be given a distinguished beauty by using the portrait as their centre piece.
  • If you run a business, there are many similar uses. Your corporate identity may well be strengthened by letting prospective clients and partners see your “bricks and mortar” (or your “glass and steel”). Even if your business is predominantly web-based, one of the things that greatly increases a user’s trust in a web-site is being able to see that the business has a physical presence, too. 
  • For personal users and businesses alike, the portrait can be used in electronic communications of all kinds. E-mail and e-cards can be enhanced. You (or your web-designer) can use the portrait to give a distinctive character to your web-site or to your pages on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, or your blog, for example).

See a gallery of house portraits.
There are two galleries that we hope will give you a sense of the variety of work that we have undertaken and the different styles in which we have worked. The first shows portraits of houses, gardens and landscapes that were commissioned by private individuals (in some cases, as part of a garden design project). The second shows visualisations that were commissioned by commercial clients. Although the subjects may be different from what you have in mind, they show other styles that may be ideal for your portrait.

See a gallery of house portraits.

And a hand-created portrait is much more appealing than a photograph because –

  • We work in a variety of styles, using many different techniques and methods to create exactly the look and the mood that you wish.
  • The artist can be selective whilst remaining true to the subject. The portrait shows only what you want it to show. Less pleasing elements (and all scenes have them!) can be down-played or left out altogether, whilst the true beauty of the scene is captured.  That satellite dish might be necessary in real life, but there’s no reason for it to appear in the portrait! Our artist can even change the apparent relationship between objects to get the result you desire.  An attractive garden ornament or a sculpture, say, can be “moved” so that it shows up in the best location in the portrait.
  • No need to worry about finely-detailed and laborious preparation beforehand. If your hedge needs trimming, or a frost has knocked out your wisteria this year, our artist will use expert knowledge of plants to make up for nature’s shortcomings.


See a gallery of commercial visualisations.When looking at the galleries, please bear in mind that a website cannot do full justice to the scale, the fine detail, and the subtle colour of the original artwork. In other words, your portrait will be even nicer than anything you see here.

We’ll shortly be adding a section to this web-site that explains the process itself in detail, but if this article has piqued your interest, get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain how the magic works in practice. Each picture in the galleries has a simple reference code beneath it. If you see something that you especially like, please mention the reference number when you contact us – that way, it’s easier for us to make sure we understand how you want your portrait to be. Alternatively, just get in touch anyway!


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