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  • Where have they been? It’s been an unforgivably long time since we actually posted any latest news, and our only excuse is that we have been too busy making gardens beautiful.

    We’ve been working with many clients, some that we’ve worked with several times before, and others that are new to us. The projects have been wide-ranging, too. Some have involved extensive replanting of an existing garden, to refresh tired old schemes  and sometimes tired old soil! Others have been much more radical. Just to mention a few -

    We made a japanese-flavoured garden for a newly-wed couple in Horsham, to remind them of their travels in East Asia. We created a water feature, inspired by traditional, ceremonial hand-washing arrangements, and built a seating area around it, screened by bamboo and a carefully-chosen Acer.

    On the subject of weddings, another of our long-standing clients runs a successful wedding venue near Hythe in Kent. Her own wedding takes place later this summer, and we are flattered that she has asked us to prepare wedding favours for her guests. We can’t tell you what they are going to be yet, of course!

    For a client in Balcombe with two young children, we made a child-friendly rear garden. Out went dull, square, sharp-edged concrete slabs and retaining walls. In came warm sandstone, with the various levels softly blended by gentle, sinuous curves. We planted generously, with every plant carefully vetted to avoid anything aggressive or harmful. And the bonus was that the new scheme made the garden feel so much more spacious.

    Meanwhile, we have been working on an exquisite jewel of a garden in a courtyard that was formerly used for agricultural purposes, serving a large Victorian country house near Handcross.

    We’re presently remodelling the front garden of  a rather nice house near East Grinstead, where our client has just completed a total transformation of the house in a fresh take on traditional Sussex style.

    And we’re helping a long-standing client to put the finishing touches to the  gardens of their newly-built, ultra-chic modern house, magnificently situated looking out on to the South Downs in Hampshire.

    We have just started work on a rear garden and a separate sun terrace for a client with a period town-house in London. As is typical of such a location, the site has plenty of challenges, but the client has a clear vision of what they want, so we are really looking forward to helping them to realise it.
  • See our work on Pinterest: We’ve started using Pinterest as a supplement to our web site. It’s ideal to let us give you a flavour of current projects, or to illustrate how a particular scheme develops over time. We are also using it to collect some pictures of other people’s gardens that we think are beautiful or exciting, and that might inspire you. Some of our clients are even using their own Pinterest boards to help us to understand their likes and dislikes. We’d love you to see it at Lovely, Lovely, Lovely
  • We’d love to help with your garden: We hope that you have found something inspiring here. If you would like to discuss any of your ideas or needs, we’d love to hear from you. And please bear in mind that we regard it as such a pleasure to be invited to talk gardens that the first hour of our work with you is entirely at our expense. That’s usually enough to cover the initial consultation in full, after which you are free to decide how you would like to carry on.
The outdoor meeting area at Wymarks, the home of Lovely, Lovely, Lovely


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