Over the years, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely has worked on a myriad of garden projects, for many different clients, with many different requirements. We have worked on gardens of all sizes and styles, carrying out works of varying complexity, over long and short time scales.

The result is a very large body of work , of which we are very proud, and which we hope will interest and spark off ideas for your own garden. We therefore encourage you to browse through our reference list, which we hope will give you some sense of the richness of our work. If something piques your interest, please get in touch and we’ll be very happy to tell you more about our work.

To make the material more manageable, we have split it into two lists -

The first, of projects carried out for clients with private houses and gardens, can be seen here.

The second, of projects carried out for businesses or other commercial clients, can be seen here.

We ought to say, though, that many of our business clients are so pleased with what we do for them that they subsequently ask us to do work for them in their own gardens, too!

Click to see reference list for Private clients
Click to see references for Business and Commercial clients

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