A Garden Design Service combining flair and flexibility

Whether your garden is a window box or a country estate, and no matter whether you are an expert in horticulture, or an enthusiastic beginner, or simply someone who is too busy to devote enough time to creating your garden, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely can work with you, tailoring our services perfectly to fit your needs … and your budget.

Every garden is different, and every client has different requirements and expectations. Over many years, working with hundreds of clients, we have developed our methods so that they work for you. Not everyone wants a full-blown garden design and construction service (although we are ready and willing to provide it if you wish) … so we don’t expect you to accept a rigid, standardised approach.  Instead, we adapt to suit you, producing impressive, creative and original schemes for your garden reliably and efficiently.  We work effectively and successfully in a wide range of capacities.  Depending upon your preferences, we will fill any or all of the roles of consultant, designer, project manager, or main contractor. We will collaborate with you and any specialist or contractor that you may have already engaged, whether that is a gardener, an architect, or a builder or landscaper.

In our early conversations with you, we’ll make sure that we understand what really matters to you – what you want your garden to be and what you want to be able to do in it; whether you have any particular likes and dislikes; how quickly you want to work; whether you want to do any of the work yourself; how you would like us to present our ideas; and a myriad of other things. All of this allows us to devise a method of working that works for you.

Here are just some of the elements that we can bring to bear, according to your needs –

  • an expert source of advice: for example, about plants, their suitability for your proposed scheme and their care; or landscaping and layout; or how to schedule work to fit in with nature’s own rhythms.
  • survey: we can record the existing features and dimensions of your garden and its environment. If you need help in identifying the plants that are already in your garden, and in assessing their condition, we can take care of this, too. The survey provides the starting point for a new design, or from it we can develop a care or rejuvenation plan.
  • drawings and visualisations: sketches, drawings or models to help you to see how a given idea – yours or ours – will work in practice. Sometimes, very simple, quick sketches will do the trick. In other situations, more highly developed drawings are better at communicating the design reliably. We’ll always make sure that the material we produce is just right. Depending upon the complexity of your garden and your needs, we can produce –
    • an outline proposal: usually, a mixture of sketches, perspective and plan drawings, or even photographs and samples from reference schemes. It helps us to have an easy and productive dialogue with you, aimed at deciding the most important features of your new garden. Once the outline is agreed, we can then get down to detail, which, depending upon your scheme’s complexity, might entail -
    • detailed design and construction drawings: to allow the proposed work to be understood properly by those who will be executing it, whether that is us or your chosen contractor.
    • planting plans and plants schedules: exact layouts of each planted area, keyed to schedules that provide the formal botanical names, as well as the common names, of all the species and cultivars that we are proposing.
  • plant selection and supply: we have access to a great network of nurseries (including our own) that can supply the plants to make your garden come alive. We have worked with many of them over several years, and we know exactly who specialises in the plants that you need, and we can ensure that they will be supplied in peak condition at competitive prices. Some of our clients like to come along to the nurseries, and we are always happy to oblige, as this invariable adds to the fun of creating a new garden, as well as providing an opportunity for the client to get to know more about the plants in question.
  • project management: we have many years of experience of managing projects to successful conclusions – a quality result, on time and on budget.
  • construction: we have built up a network of skilled and experienced contractors, whom we have no hesitation in recommending to get you the excellent results that you expect.

Although we always aim to surprise and delight you, we know that you don’t want to receive any shocks along the way, particularly financial ones. We therefore will always work to your budget, and if your preference is to advance the project in “bite-size” pieces, we’ll happily work that way.

 You can find more information, including examples of our work and a number of real-life case studies here. The best way to get a better sense of how well this works in practice is to contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation visit to your garden. We look forward to helping you.



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