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Many of our clients love their gardens but lack the time, expertise or equipment to care for them as well as they would like.  That’s when Lovely, Lovely, Lovely’s Garden Care Service comes into its own. We give you peace of mind and more time to enjoy your garden at its best.

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and responsive service that is also high on value for money … and we love gardens!

We have decades of experience to deploy to ensure that every single living thing in your garden gets the attention that it needs. Our experience means that we know exactly what is right for your garden and our attention to detail means that we do it that way, too.

We’ll make a point of understanding your garden’s environment – the micro-climate created by the interaction of the prevailing weather, your local geography, including the layout of your garden (and those of its neighbours) and the plants that grow there – and putting that understanding to work to optimise our care regime.

We’ll study your soil and the degree to which its make-up, its richness and its acidity or alkalinity helps or hinders the plants that you want to see flourish – and those that you don’t.


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We’ll get to know your plants and gradually improve their habits, health and condition by feeding and watering them well and grooming them carefully. Of course, we’ll care for all of your plants – annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees; and in beds, in pots, climbing walls, in ponds; and lawns and hedges, too. For some clients, we even take care of house plants, too!

We’ll always use methods and treatments that are consistent with the way you want your garden to be run. For example, if you want no artificial chemicals to be used, then we’ll set out your tailored care program to conform to that.

At any time, if you want to know more about your garden and its inhabitants, we’ll happily share our knowledge with you. We’ll explain anything that catches your interest.  Unlike some garden care providers, we positively like to help you to help yourself, so we are never secretive about what we do and why we do it.



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We know that you want to understand in advance what we’ll be doing for your garden, so we’ll provide you with a care plan in writing, tailored to optimising the care regime, and giving you clear guidance about what it will cost.  Of course, nature and the weather mean that any care plan must be adapted from time to time. We’ll propose such adaptations promptly and clearly, so that you will never get any rude shocks or surprises.

If you and your garden would like to experience a different level of care, then please get in touch today. Oh … and did we say that we love gardens?



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