Beautiful plants through the seasons.

Some gardens look great - but only at a particular time of year. At Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, we help you to avoid that trap. When we design a garden, we consider carefully how the plants will look at all times of the year, and we select and place them in combination to ensure that their shapes, colours and even fragrance will interact to give you ever-developing year-round pleasure, changing with the seasons. The plants pictured below are just a few of those that we like because of their strong seasonal character. Each photograph was taken by us in a garden designed by Lovely, Lovely, Lovely.

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A tiny seasonal posy of Akebia, Forget-me-not, Geranium and Broom. Rambler Roses “Vielchenblau” and “Bobby James”: their scent fills the air. Rambler Rose “The Garland”: one of Gertrude Jekyll’s favourites. Tulips in toning colours. Scented Rose “Blush Noisette” hangs in great swathes. Akebia quinata: beautifully scented in spring. Lavender “Munstead”. Sisyrinchium and Indigofera. Nigella - Love-in-a-mist. Zantedeschia growing in a pond. Robinia and Abies. Rose “The Garland”. Geranium, Cotinus and Acanthus. The beautiful Dicentra. Passion Flower and Rose. Rose “Vielchenblau”. Roses  “Violette” and “Bobby James”. Persicaria amplexoides. Tulip “Black Parrot” and Olearia. Viburnum plicatum “Mariesii”. Lonicera. Jasmine and Clematis viticella. Cherry and Phormium showing autumn colours. The lovely Clematis  viticella “Alba Luxurians”. Lamium maculatum “White Nancy”. Autumn show: Sedum at the edge. A particularly beautiful Iris. Polemonium and Sisyrinchium. The vibrant blues of Polemonium. The lovely leaves of Dutchman’s Pipe contrasting with Acacia. Amelanchier lamarkii. Lovely white Prunus avium “Plena”. Prunus serrulata “Tai Haku”. Akebia quinata. The queen of climbers: Wisteria “Caroline”. Glossy Holly against a Hornbeam. Larch in autumn. Clematis macropetala in early spring. Golden Laburnum Acid green Euphorbia. Solanum crispum glasnerium in full flower. Borage in front of a cascade of Honeysuckle. Clematis “Asao” peeping through a garden bench. Clethra and Persicaria in autumn.

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