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Ruth Lovely Lovely

Ruth Palmer - Lovely, Lovely, LovelyI have always been interested in art and design, so following an Arts foundation course after A levels, I studied interior design at Middlesex Polytechnic, from which I graduated with a B.A. honours degree in 1990. During my time at college I studied a multitude of subjects that have been essential to my work to date, including furniture design, lighting design, architecture, surveying and technical drawing. Before I graduated, I had already carried out some exterior design projects for I.C.I., who were very complimentary about it.


After graduation, I split my time between working on commercial design and construction projects in London and the M25 corridor and nurturing my first love, which is garden design. In the commercial projects, I grew my knowledge of construction methods, design and landscaping, and I took many excellent opportunities to sharpen my presentation skills. In my garden design business, I learnt a great deal about what people want out of their gardens, and I studied plants in their infinite variety as deeply as possible, including studying horticulture with the RHS.  Even today, I spend hours in the evenings (in what is now an extensive library) poring over horticultural reference works and nursery catalogues or searching the web for rare and interesting cultivars.


Ruth Palmer - Lovely, Lovely, Lovely on a site survey in France.In 1997, I decided to concentrate full time on garden design, construction and care.  Initially, I operated as Spacious and Herbaceous, but about five years ago, I adopted the name Lovely, Lovely, Lovely (for reasons that are explained on the home page!). Since then, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely has transformed more gardens than I can remember! I love the process of taking the dreams of my clients and making them real, creating beautiful places and plantings and then seeing them grow to maturity … and helping them along with occasional tweaks here and there!


My own garden is my testing centre. I like to try unusual plants, understanding their ease of cultivation and hardiness, observing their growth habits and assessing their strengths and weaknesses. I particularly like to experiment with unusual combinations and approaches to pruning. I have recently made a large, formal, ornamental potager, in which I grow many unusual vegetables and edible flowers organically. Some of these go into my seasonal flower salad bags, which I sell locally via the Union Jack farm shop in Shermanbury.


Christopher Moyse

Christopher Moyse - Lovely, Lovely, LovelyBy training, I am an engineer, with a Master’s degree in that subject, and my career has involved working in the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical sectors in many countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia. I began providing business administration, project management and technological support to Lovely, Lovely, Lovely about three years ago, so that Ruth could devote herself more fully to design work and looking after clients personally. It is a great privilege, not to say fascinating, to work with Ruth and see how her imagination, design sense and deep knowledge of what makes a great garden are deployed in creating something truly special each time.

I am also responsible for the design, content management and upkeep of this web site, so if you experience any difficulties with it, please let me know.



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